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Details Crime-Scene-Food-Bags-Quarantine-Crime-Scene-Sandwich-Bags

Crime Scene Food Bags - Quarantine & Crime Scene 20 super cool CSI sandwich bags. Two crime fighting designs: Quarantine and Crime Scene. Give your sandwich extra police protection.

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Details Poverty-Ethnicity-And-Violent-Crime-Crime-Society-Series

Poverty, Ethnicity and Violent Crime A survey of violent crime in the USA. The book brings together statistical trends and ethnographic research on violent crime and gangs, and concludes that violent crime is more strongly associated with poverty than ...

93,85 EUR*
Details Histories-of-Transnational-Crime-Studies-of-Organized-Crime

Histories of Transnational Crime provides a broad, historical framework for understanding the developments in research of transnational crime over the centuries. This volume provides examples of transnational crime, and places them in a broad ...

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Details Human-Trafficking-Crimes

Human Trafficking Crimes Human trafficking is a transnational crime. This book discusses key activities federal agencies have undertaken to combat human trafficking crimes, federal efforts to co-ordinate investigations and prosecutions of these crimes ...